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Stream Analyze provides an easy-to-use platform for developing, deploying, running, and managing analytical AI models on massive fleets of autonomous edge devices. Enabling instant decisions anywhere - empowering anyone.

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With real-time data-stream analytics on the edge, businesses gain immediate, actionable insights into products and customer behaviour, a key to shortening time to market.


Intuitively interact with your edge devices. Manage and deploy analytical models during full operation, decoupled from firmware updates, enabling continuous development.


From tiny, resource-constrained edge devices to extensive industrial operations, Stream Analyze offers scalable solutions tailored to your growth ambitions.


Leverage your existing infrastructure – software, devices, data sources, and formats - through seamless integrations into the Stream Analyze Platform, crafting a unified ecosystem.


Harness the potential of analytical AI models with ease. Our platform equips domain experts with intuitive, high-level development tools, eliminating the need for deep programming expertise.


Stream and process your data locally, minimizing vulnerabilities, and in compliance with regulatory requirements. Experience unmatched data integrity right at the edge.

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With real-time data analytics on the edge, you can improve quality control and operational uptime, expand product and customer insights, enable predictive maintenance, enhance user experience as well as introduce new service-centric business models.

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Navigate the dynamic world of data streaming effortlessly with Stream Analyze Platform. Experience a platform that’s as intuitive as it is powerful, bridging the gap between complex data streams and actionable insights.
Discover the future of edge analytics, tailored for your success.

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Navigate the depths of our Platform Integration Landscape. Uniting state-of-the-art technologies, diverse data formats, and advanced AI, our ecosystem is crafted for seamless integration and optimal performance. Step into a realm where innovation and efficiency converge.