Bringing smartness to your edge

We envision a world where every device, machine, and asset are powered by analytical edge AI, and Stream Analyze Platform will be considered the industry standard for enabling this digital transformation.


Our platform is built on 30 years of leading academic research

EIC selected

Selected by European Innovation Council as a potential Unicorn

Combient backed

Swedish industry decided to back up our groundbreaking technology

Stream Analyze milestones


Co-founder Tore Risch enters Stanford University as a postdoc focused on the intersection of logic and databases.


Working at IBM Labs and HP Labs in Silicon Valley, Tore’s research is focused on enhancing the capabilities of database systems to handle more complex data models and queries.


Co-founder and serial entrepreneur Jan Nilsson is leading his first +€1 billion company as Framfab is listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange


Stream Analyze is founded and the building blocks start being put together.


The Wallenberg family organization Combient invests in Stream Analyze to accelerate digital transformation for 35 leading Nordic companies with a total turnover of €190 billion and more than 800,000 employees.


Stream Analyze connects database optimization and a JIT compiler creating the world’s fastest edge analytics platform.


Stream Analyze secures €2.5 million European Innovation Council grant to advance their edge analytics platform, selected as the leading edge AI company in Europe.


Stream Analyze initiates production roll outs with a select set of global leaders like Toyota, Volvo, and Autoliv.

Unlock the potential

Transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary, Stream Analyze unleashes the potential of artificial intelligence at the edge. Our cutting-edge platform, built on decades of research and innovation, equips any device, machine, or asset with real-time analytical capabilities, igniting an industrial evolution towards smarter, data-driven operations.

Harness the future

As IoT devices multiply, they trigger a data explosion, escalating storage costs, security concerns, and the need for immediate decision-making. However, edge computing tames these challenges by processing data where it’s generated, reducing costs, enhancing security, enabling real-time decisions, and aiding regulatory compliance. Embrace edge computing, turning hurdles into opportunities.

Decades of innovation

Our journey started in 1976 with our co-founder, Tore Risch’s exploration into databases and AI. Pioneering research led to the development of a powerful tool capable of analyzing large data streams in real time, on any device. The realization of this unique technology’s potential in the era of IoT gave birth to Stream Analyze in 2015, committed to empowering businesses with real-time, edge-based data stream analytics. Our distinctive blend of deep knowledge and innovative technology forms the foundation of our commitment to enhancing businesses’ intelligence at the edge.

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We empower operations

At Stream Analyze, we empower businesses by making their devices and assets smarter through our analytical edge AI platform. We enable real-time analytics, boost operational uptime, enrich customer insights, and introduce software-driven services. Our platform is designed to deploy on resource-limited devices and scale to orchestrate vast fleets, seamlessly transforming how businesses operate.

Unfold your insights

Tapping into real-time data streams can be complex. Stream Analyze simplifies this, accelerating your operations and unveiling novel opportunities. Ready to redefine your edge AI capabilities? Let Stream Analyze be your partner in this transformative journey. Together, we'll harness the true power of analytical edge AI.

Latest news

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AI in a chainsaw? Stream Analyze launches in the U.S. to make ‘stupid’ devices smarter

Apr 26, 2024
In a significant move signaling its entry into the U.S. market, Stream Analyze, a leader in edge AI solutions, announced a partnership with Microchip and other American companies to bring its innovative technology stateside — such as putting AI in chainsaws.

Stream Analyze brings edge AI software to U.S. IoT market

Apr 26, 2024
Stream Analyze, an edge AI software firm based in Uppsala, Sweden that just announced an expansion into the U.S. market, where it already boasts a partnership with Chandler, Arizona-based Microchip Technology.

Stream Analyze Recognized as One of STL Partners' "Top 100 Edge Companies to Watch in 2024"

Mar 15, 2024
Stream Analyze, a leader in edge AI technology, is proud to announce its inclusion in STL Partners' prestigious list of "Top 100 EdgeCompanies to Watch in 2024".