Platform integration landscape

Discover the unparalleled power and versatility of the Stream Analyze Platform. Dive deep into a world of seamless integrations, multifaceted data processing, and state-of-the-art AI functionalities.

Unified integration

Merge your disparate systems with our platform, streamlining operations and eliminating compatibility challenges.

Future-ready tech

Stay ahead of the curve. Our commitment to adopting the latest technologies ensures you're always equipped for the future.

Data-driven decisions

Harness the power of diverse data sources coupled with cutting-edge AI & ML models to make decisions that fuel growth and inspire innovation.


Make the platform distinctly yours. From embedding unique AI models to leveraging your favorite coding languages, we've got you covered.

Learning curve

Experience the synergies within our ecosystem. Learn one component and find that knowledge cascading across others, making onboarding and scaling up smoother.

Support & Community

Join a community of innovators. From our dedicated support teams to active user forums, benefit from collective knowledge and shared experiences.

Stream Analyze Platform

Our platform isn't just about standalone components: it's about how they seamlessly interact, forging a unified and robust ecosystem.

Systems & Tools Integration

Seamlessly bridge hardware and software.

Processors & Computers

Effortlessly connect with industry leaders like Microchip, ARM, Intel, and more.

Using custom hardware or don't see your preferred choice? Just reach out. We're here to explore new integrations together.

Operating Systems

We support a wide array of OS environments, from desktop to specialized platforms.

If you don't see your specific OS in our list below, don't hesitate to contact us. We're adapting to your unique needs.

Data Formats

Speak every data language. Engage, process, and connect without limitations.

Message Passing Protocols

Harness the efficiency of ZeroMQ and MQTT.

Bus Protocols

Connect with vehicular systems via CAN bus. Integrate any other bus protocol using our extension system or zero-linkage pipe pump.

Streaming and Event Protocols

Embrace real-time streaming with Kafka and Azure event hub.

Web & Communication Protocols

Seamless data transfer via HTTP (REST), Websocket, and RS232.

Data Sources

Diverse data origins, one platform. Process, analyze, and extract insights.


• Engage with databases like MS SQL, MySQL, Oracle, and PostgreSQL.
• Venture into NoSQL territories with MongoDB.

Unique Integrations

Webhooks and image streams at your fingertips.

Frameworks & Languages

Adaptability meets power. Choose your language, integrate with leading frameworks.

Extensions & Indexing

Elevate search with extensible indexing. Advances indexes for search, including special search available out of the box. Add your own indexes with our extensible index system.

Machine Learning Frameworks

Propel your AI ambitions with HDF5/H5, ONNX and TensorFlow Lite.

Programming Languages

Tailor solutions in C/C++, PHP/Javascript, Java, or Python.

AI & ML Models

In-depth insights with AI. Predict, analyze, and innovate using state-of-the-art models.

Neural Networks

From foundational to feed-forward and convolutional, craft intelligent pathways.

Clustering & Classification

Tools like K-means, DBSCAN, Random forests, and linear regression to discern patterns and predict outcomes.

Custom Integration

Make it yours. Embed custom models for tailored insights.

Feedback & Community

At Stream Analyze, we believe in the power of community. Our users, developers, and enthusiasts are the backbone of our ecosystem. Your feedback, ideas, and innovations drive us forward. Dive into our vibrant community spaces:


Engage, discuss, contribute.


Inspire and be inspired.


Chat in real-time with our vibrant community.