Stream Analyze Selected as One of the Ny Teknik 33 Winners, Cementing Its Position as a Top Swedish Tech Startup

Uppsala, Sweden
October 22, 2021

Stream Analyze is delighted to announce that it has been selected by Sweden’s most distinguished newspaper within engineering, Ny Teknik, as one of Sweden’s top-33 startups. This acknowledgement recognizes the company's innovative technology, scalable business model, and the potential to make a substantial impact on both the Swedish and global markets.

Stream Analyze delivers easy-to-use infrastructure and tools for developing, deploying, running, and managing analytical AI models on massive fleets of distributed edge devices. The inclusion of Stream Analyze in the prestigious Ny Teknik 33 highlights the company's unrelenting dedication to pushing the boundaries of innovation. By constantly evolving and refining their offerings, Stream Analyze sets new industry standards, redefining what is possible in analytical edge AI technology.

"We're incredibly proud to be selected for the Ny Teknik 33, a recognition of the hard work and innovation that goes into our operations daily," said Jan Nilsson, CEO of Stream Analyze. "This award validates our position as a pioneer in the data stream analytics space, and we are eager to continue delivering cutting-edge solutions to our clients."

As part of the Ny Teknik 33, Stream Analyze will join the ranks of innovative companies such as Spotify, Mojang, Izettle, Tobii, and Truecaller, all of which were recognized by Ny Teknik 33 before becoming globally recognized brands.

Stream Analyze is looking forward to leveraging this recognition to continue scaling its solutions, with a focus on driving digital transformation through intuitive data analysis for businesses across sectors. The team remains committed to developing solutions that empower businesses to unlock the true value of their data, promoting efficient decision-making and improved operational performance.

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