Edge network

An edge network is a decentralized computer network that is designed to bring data processing and storage closer to where it's needed, such as the end user, rather than in a centralized location like a cloud data center. This enables faster data processing and reduced latency, which is crucial for real-time applications like video streaming, online gaming, and autonomous vehicles.

Edge networks consist of a series of interconnected nodes, which can be anything from smartphones, laptops, and IoT devices, to small data centers and cell towers. These nodes are located at the edge of the network, close to where data is generated, and they work together to process and store data in a distributed manner.

One of the key benefits of an edge network is its ability to reduce the load on the central cloud infrastructure, which can result in faster and more reliable service. Additionally, edge networks can be used to provide local data storage and processing, which can be useful in areas where there is limited or no internet connectivity.

Edge networks are a critical component of the emerging edge computing ecosystem, which seeks to bring computing power and storage closer to the end user in order to enable new and innovative applications.